DO-NOT come here. WORST place ever.

RUN-RUN fast! I been waiting ONE year to get my furniture fixed. I made my payments on time yet getting service done FORGET ABOUT IT! not happening they transfer you and transfer you and well it's a never ending cycle.

The wait, well that's about 1hr or more....IF they say someone will contact you. Please don't hold your breath. DID I MENTION they will take money out of your account even though I did NOT authorize it. Yeah, funny how I been waiting a year to get my *** fix but nothing, sure enough they are QUICK to take your money, they will review their recording to see if 'I' "authorize it" well, I think I would know if I said YES go ahead I'm going to pay you even though my *** has NOT been fixed!

when it's been reviewed I will get my money back in 5 days. Sure as heck didn't take themFIVE days to take it! Their 'managers' are worthless.... I really regreat coming here!

These people sure as heck have no Idea who they messed with, I will have my husband job with a camera at their corporate office for a consumer affair story! They would LOVE this story!

Review about: Conns Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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