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I purchased a stove on 5/3/13.My sales person was very nice and professional.

I arranged for delivery on the next day I had off, on the 9th. I was called twice on the 8th to tell me I would be called between 7 and 9 am on the 9th to let me know what time window my stove would be delivered. At 10 am I called them. They don't have a delivery sheduled for me, in fact, didn't even have a stove for me.

We went back and forth about the day they would get delivery and then deliver it to me. Another 2 weeks went by, same stupidity. Finally, I got my stove...damaged. The delivery guys run to store and pulled the piece off the floor model come back and replace it, yeah delivery guys.

It is now 6/29/13 and I called for rebate. They "got my request" 2 weeks after I mailed it...they have the wrong address.

"It takes 8 to 10 weeks", "we have a lot to process", "we have the newest computer system" ....blah, blah, blah.The IRS has hundreds of millions of returns to process and get it done in less time....

Monetary Loss: $80.


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Houston, Texas, United States #689340

Finally got a refund after 10 weeks.Guess they REALLY needed the money...because it was .05 cents short of the full delivery fee I paid.

I guess if you short a few million people .05 cents each. You can make up a small deficits in your budget or pay for the CFO/CEO's new beach house/ Porche...

*** that is petty.:x

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