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What horrendous customer service! I purchased a couch and chair from Conn's almost a month ago- accepting, but saddened that I would have to wait until January 23rd to receive them. On the 22nd, I received a phone call saying the delivery couldn't be fulfilled because the chair was not yet in stock. Sure- ok, fine. Today I receive a call saying that I should move my delivery up from Saturday to Tuesday (a day I am at work and as a new hire, am... Read more

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I purchase a Washer machine on Sep. of last year 2014 with no interest rate for one year and I was advice by the sales representative that if not paid off by the 12 months I was going to be charged interest rate for the amount left in the purchases. I wanted to beat the interest rate and made a commitment to my self to pay $100 dlls. a month. The regular payment was $64.+ cts.Today I when to paid my bill and found out the I was charged for the... Read more

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I took off early from work for a delivery on a mattress we have purchased. Delivery time was between 10:45 & 1:45. Dispatch called and said they are about to pull up. They never showed up, I called to see what was going on and they said nobody was home. *** I said... Dispatch told me "sorry sir you will need to reschedule" after I already took off for this. I told them you went to the wrong house turn around it was not even 1:45 yet. Again... Read more

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Conns is a big rip off. The products are inferior. They lie on the credit terms. The customer service department and the credit department are rude and worthless. They harassed me at work! I always pay my bill but they seem to think it is ok to call my job and harass me even when I tell them that I can't speak to them at work without getting fired. The *** just kept talking! I called them back on my lunch break and the same *** hung up on me.... Read more

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Sucks I purchased 5000 worth of computers which are paid off almost and wanted to get a couch and they didn't approve me then they said I can do in house financing which I went there and it was only for 1000 and the couch was 1400. And way over priced . Then I said I wanted a bose sound system for the TV that was 599 so back I go. They said I had to buy a tv too with it. No one knew what they were doing and their *** is over priced. Never again!... Read more

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cons without question is the worst company I've ever dealt with altered furniture back in December were the drivers came in damaged furniture while setting it up this is December 4 it is now February 16th they have yet to come out and make the repairs I have no problem making payments but if you dont get out to fix all of the broken things and I get calls from debt collections department making false threats but no one has yet to do the job on... Read more

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I went in to Conn's in Dallas,TX, the Wheatland location. I purchased a laptop and a 75 inch Samsung Smart Tv. I told the Sales person, I wanted the tv with voice control and motion control. He assured me the 6350 series tv was what I needed, and sold me extra accessories to ensure the tv worked as I wanted. His exact words were I would need a sound bar and the HDMI package for the tv to work as desired, so I purchased all of these things. ... Read more

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This is the worst customer service I've ever experienced. This problem has been going on over a week and I can't seem to get a single person to help. These appliances were supposed to be delivered Friday but the SalesRep did not include a stacking kit. So they had to reschedule delivery. I got a call to reschedule from Warehouse from Saturday, but I explained I would be working. They suggested Mnday so I agreed and took off work. I waited at... Read more

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Back in Jan 2014, I had 3 separate accounts with Conns that were past due. I clld to make payment arrangements and the rep suggested that I combine 2 of the smaller accounts to reduce my payment which was fine. The 3rd, larger account would not be combined so we made pymt arrangements of $225.15 to be deducted from my checking acct for Feb 21 and Mar 21 to catch me up. The following week I received the refinance contract and ALL 3 accounts had... Read more

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Purchased a dryer 10/28 which was delivered 11/7 - did not work. Spent all day getting another one delivered That Same Day-again it did not work. Reported the problem on Sunday 11/8 & again 11/9-which means it FAILED and was reported within 24 hours. Set up a service call for 11/12 and he indicated this was a defective dryer. Again, all within their "required" return/exchange period. Went back to the Dallas/Wheatland Rd. store where I... Read more

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