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I bought a TV for around $2000 from Conns. My payments are $102 month.

I've been paying for about year. I decided I would pay it off. I looked on the website for the payoff amount. I got it, I mailed the check.

I notice my balance hasn't changed on the website. I called there customer service, they say they got my payment Feb 3rd. It's been over a month now, the problem is someone screwed up. It hasn't gone towards principle or even interest.

No one there knows what to do. I tried to explain it the girl on the phone. She said your interest free is over. I said I know that.

That is not what I am referring to. I said I can pay off my loan anytime I want and that I know I am paying interest. That is why I needed to look up the payoff amount from the there website.

That is what I paid. I think I need to get lawyer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Conns Electronics Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I read a review from someone claiming he was being ripped off while buying a Mac book pro. Here’s the thing, if he had cash in pocket, he would have paid for it through Amazon. That being said, don’t torpedo a retailer when you can’t really afford what you want.

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