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60” Samsung TV –SN 029Y3CZF300157H $1699.00 before tax & unneeded insurance added on.

I purchased above mentioned TV on 4/5/2014 @ Conn’s. We set the TV up to use on 4/7. TV worked fine.

4/8/2014 came home from work turned TV on, remote only partly worked, TV didn’t seem to respond to remote, past turning on. TV froze up, would not go to menu, change channel, or pretty much anything. TV started turning itself off & on. Didn’t time it, but guessing I would say every 2 to 3 minutes. Still would not respond to remote. Unplugged it to let it reset itself, plugged in back in & it came on right away, should not have come on until I turned it on. This went on for 1 ½ to 2 hrs & finally stopped.

TV worked fine until the 13th. Started over again with the on & off thing & remote not working. I called Conn’s to take the TV back, they told me that I only had 72hr to “decide I didn’t want & bring back” since it was past the 72 hrs but within the 15 days they allowed for returns I would have to pay a restocking fee of 15%. I explained I wasn’t returning for it to be restocked but that the TV did not work. I was told that I had a warranty & I could get it fixed. I told them I wanted to exchange it as it was broken, well I couldn’t exchange it until a service person came out tried to fix & couldn’t. At this point I didn’t want to get it fixed. They refused to take it back. They were to call Samsung to send service out. They didn’t.

I called Samsung, 4/13 talked to them to have service come out. Service people called 4/14 told me it would be 10 days before they could come out. I called Conn’s back on the 15th to try once again to take TV back, no luck. Service people have to look at first.

By now I don’t want TV, completely hate Conn’s & the TV for that matter.

Called Samsung back to see if they could speed up repair people. Can’t remember if this was 4/16 or 4/17. Repair people called me 4/18, to say they would be there Monday 4/21.

4/21 I *** work, which means I don’t get paid, so now this TV is costing me money. 9:00am Service person calls & won’t be able to make it because part for another customer in another area did not come in. I told Service guy that I took off work & I wasn’t getting paid. He laughed & told me that due to the fact that I live so far & the other stop was out that way too that he need to kill 2 birds with 1 stone I would have to wait till Wednesday. I told him I could not just *** 2 days in 1 week. “Well you just call back when you can *** again is what I was told”. I told him to come out Wed the 23rd & I would figure something out. He showed up Wed. was supposed to be there between 10 & 12 got there after 12. The parts he brought did not fix TV, told me that Conn’s needed to give me an exchange. Said he would turn it in to Samsung that way.

Called Conn’s 4/25 to take TV back, they would still not let me bring back, as they needed paperwork from Samsung. Called Samsung, had to recap last 2 weeks to some hateful guy that told me I needed to call Conn’s that Samsung had nothing to do with Conn’s store policies ……guess he completely missed the part about brand new SAMSUNG TV not working. I got rude back at him told him I wasn’t asking about store policies I was trying to get paperwork so I could take TV back. He then decided to look up account & transferred me to a Senior Acct person. The lady I spoke with told me that the Repair person reported TV repaired & if I was still having a problem they would send another repair person out. I told her I did not want to *** work again & I wanted TV exchanged, @ this point I don’t even want the TV. She couldn’t tell me how long that would take. She was also short & on the edge of being rude.

I’m am now being treated like someone trying to rip off a company by Samsung & Conn’s is acting like I’m bothering them & could care less.

This week I’ve had 2 different repair places calling to come “fix” TV, Samsung’s authorized both places to order additional part, for TV. Today 5/1, 18 days since it quit working, 25 days since I picked up at store, someone is at the house to fix, another day no pay.

How is this good business? I have been offered no help, no compensation, nothing. To top it off Conn’s sends me a letter telling me the TV cost almost $800 more that it started at & if it is not paid off in 12 months, then it will be additional $750. I haven’t gotten to watch it for almost a month now.

Conn’s lives up to their name—they are a ***

Samsung doesn’t stand behind their product…TV even if it finally gets fixed is not a new TV any longer, but now instead is a refurbished TV. More calls were made to both Conn’s & Samsung, but I didn’t write them all down.

Can you help me at all?

Pam Saldana

903 432 2692

5/1 finally working—I still no longer want this refurbished piece of ***. For $2400.00 you would think Conn’s or Samsung would stand behind their product. I want a new working TV for this much money.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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