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I purchased bunk-beds on 29th of December delivery on 30th on 1-1-16 slates broke on bottom bending on top. Called rep that sold them to me got number for conns service called 1-2-16 setup service call for 1-8-16 got 4 calls from machine verifying appointment for 8th got a call from technician to verify 8th between 4-6 get call Friday morning the 8th stating technician can't make it reschedule for Tuesday 1-12-16 was asked am or pm requested am waited all day called to check found out not until 4-6 at 6:11 called to see what's going on rep states that office was closed gave me a number to call the next day and find out what happened. My girls have not been sleeping in brand new beds but when it's time for the payment they are not going to want to hear anything but here's your payment what they don't know is I'm truly bitchy when it comes to my money so now we got a big problem

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Where are the broken slates? All your photo shows is poorly placed pieces, LOL...

Oh, and you really need to clean up that floor!!!

Look at all that filth and debris. We can see where your priorities are.

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